The Car Owner

Peter Smith has been drag racing since 1974. Peter and his brother Bernie raced a 327 Chevrolet powered dragster at the newly constructed Champion Dragway at Meremere in New Zealand. After moving to Melbourne Australia, Peter raced a series of Camaros that he imported via his new business, East Coast Mustangs & Camaro Parts, located in Lilydale, Victoria. After selling his last sedan, a 632 Chevrolet powered 1963 Corvette, Peter decided to buy a funnycar body to cut in half and display on the wall of his shop. One idea lead to another and then a complete Top Alcohol funnycar arrives from the USA for Supercharged Outlaw racing. After starting to come to grips with racing a 1000 hp supercharged funnycar, Peter then decided to step up to Top Alcohol. Another funnycar was purchased from the USA and that is what we are racing today.

The Driver

Chris Hargrave started racing a Junior Dragster in 1998. That was followed by a supercharged 500 inch Ford powered Supercharged Outlaws altered. Along the way Chris accumulated eleven wins in Junior Dragster and one win in Supercharged Outlaws, as well as thirteen runner up trophies. When Peter decided to step out of the drivers seat he asked Chris if he would like the drive. Chris said yes and has been there ever since, with the highlight being a runner up trophy at the 2018 East Coast Thunder meeting in Sydney.